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Girls who CAN rock

I don't want to write lots of things so here are some pv  by my new fav girl band FLIP^^

Finally i've found a ROCK girl band >< Give them a chance, they're really really really good, trust me ;D
Here you can download their pvs and albums ^^


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music post again

I know, i know ^^ nowadays i posts about music all the time but what can i do, i love it ><

I decided to write a new post because i've found some new amazing artists and i think they deserve to be mentioned. Some of you guyz loved my previous post about tokyo jihen, one of my biggest obsession and i would like to continue to show you more quality music. i started searching new music a few days ago and i was in jazz/bossa nova mood so the following artists are basically represents this kind of music.

so lets start ^^

She's a truly talented singer/songwriter girl, i can't belive she's so unknown. i absolutely loving her songs, her 2nd album is WIN and i'll download the other ones as well. These 2 songs have music videos from my favourite ones and i hope you will like them.


Winterplay is a korean pop-jazz band. Hye Won has a stunning voice and i fall in love with them first because of this cover song ^^ I don't like all of their songs but its ok, i don't have to ^^ i think everybody can find some nice songs from their albums, here are my favourite ones.

Cradle Orchestra
Originally i wanted to try their music because i love the combinations of classical and modern music and i was right. Their music is mixing up the 2 styles perfectly, mostly with r'n'b/rapping. here is a little preview ^^ 

and now back to the "old school" kpop/jpop/etc line
- firstly, i have to say i've never been the biggest Beast fan alive but kinda liked them. So i don't know why but downloaded their new song and i LOVE it, really, its nothing epic but i really enjoying their voices without auto-tune.
- about 5dolls alias Co-ed's girls (btw i missing the boys). I downloaded their new album and it has 2 new song and others are remixes. Actually i never understand why someone has to release a remix album when usually their albums already have some. Never mind... i wont say Like This Or That is my fav song of them, honestly i love Co-ed's songs more but i don't hate it either.

thats all for now
i hope you found and heard some earcandy music  from this post, this was my aim ^^

oh and one more thing
I DON'T LIKE EUROVISION THIS YEAR (the only good thing is that my country finally made it!! and the french guy has an omfg voice OoO)
can't wait for the final!!

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real music

words can't describe how happy I am about Tokyo Jihen's return *w*
i think you already know how much i love them, especially in this currently music industry. They bringing back the style and quality in music id. Shiina and the guyz are always make amazing songs and the new ones are not exceptions.
Not this single will be my ultimate favourite but i love this song's style SO MUCH. This is one of the reasons why i love Shiina's music.

p.i.: im so active in livejournal nowadays ^^ it's good, maybe i'll make some icons next time!!
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which should i choose?!

I have to go to school and choose a profession. As it looks now i won't be a fashion designer or anything related to art (good fashion designer schools are extremely expensive here T_T) so i have to choose something less interesting and its fucking hard. I mean there are no exact department for a lots of professions if its not university or college. I've been thinking about what i wanna be since i graduate from high school but it's difficult. 2 years have elapsed since i graduated (OMG) and I'm turning 20 next week T_T omg 20! its so strange....

Finally i found a school, not my dream school but it's OK.
here are my chosen profession possibilities in this school...
these 2 is on the top of my list: radio presenter/commentator/journalist (because im interested in it nowadays) or a travel assistant/manager (this is a way safer job somewere) but honestly i don't know the exact reason this is just a feeling...
the next two is just a fast idea
event planner/organizer or (interior) decorator (this is the most artistic from the list but i don't know, i mean i feel i have passion to be fashion desiger but for furnitures?! well i don't know. when i was younger i wanted to be a decorator thx for the sims LOL but now... it you're not the best in this job you won't make a living out of it.)

so if you guyz have any good idea or advice just say so :3
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shipping shipping....

shipping is in my air XD seriously, i'm in ultra shipping mode guyz and i LOVE this feeling!

currently my first shipping is none other than Shuji/Saeki - Haruma/Emi couple *o*
sorry Erika i love you but their chemistry is flawless as i mentioned it earlier *W*
I love all of their scenes *w* i know they won't end up together but the hope die last ^^

and here is my Shoko/Keisuke - Keiko/Yuta pairing. Well LADY's last few episodes was not too awesome so i almost dropped it but then epi 6 gave me some lovely parts ^^

i've been watching Quartet for a while and i love these two and the fighting scenes, they're well choreographed. I love Saki's style, she look good with blond hair and those tattoos. badass girl is badass. oh and Hanakimi's doc is in it too XD

can't wait for Party wa Owatta just because of Riisa and Nari are in it. So sad it's a mobile drama so we have to wait more to watch it :(
They're sooooo GREAT together!! *W*


and what i wanted in Yanmega....

p.s.: sorry for the big gifs but i love making them after tumblr's 500kb limit ToT

oh and i finished my drawing yesterday ^^
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working on my mother's gift

yes this is my current artwork :3

the size is A3 and i took this photo with my phone so its not HQ like a scanner or something...

i know its not a big thing but i want to give her something unique and pretty!
When i was at kindergarden i always drew something for her birthday. nowadays i always forget about it :( I know she loves everything by me so i put it on here to ask your opinion ^^ (i know the bottom rose is kind of sick)

oh yes and an extra
Originally i wanted to do a painting but i suck at it (i know) so here is the result of my non-painting-mood XD

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Back to Livejournal

Happy New Year! I know im late but... who cares?
My only reason for not being on livejournal is my tumblr sites, tumblr is making me addicted to it, seriously its not healthy ^^
Anyway i hate starting all of my posts with "im so sorry for not posting nowadays" but this is the truth.... nevermind, now im here and i'll write about some random things like dramas (as always), music, my life and my arts and other current addictions of mine!

First of all i want to tell you guyz how much i love you for being my online friends and still follow my journal.
It so awesome and im so honored, really!!

I've been on hiatus from my lovely asian dramas and started to love WWE ( i know figure staking and wresting is a little different XD but my personality was always weird). I didn't have a fever of any doramas from the last season (yes i was not into Secret Garden that much).
just started watching My Princess, Dream High, Taisetsunakoko wa subete kimi ga oshietekureta, LADY ~ saigo no hanzai profile

About Misaki Number One or can i say Gokusen 4?!
Honestly I don't know why i started watching this drama LOL and i still not so confident about continue or not. I kind of like Omasa Aya but about Karina, i don't like her acting at all. The first episode has THE GOKUSEN feeling. I mean we have a new teacher who has a secret identity + some debauched kids (well a whole class XD ) + crazy and weird looking teachers. In Gokusen it was funny and entertaining (in the first 2 season) but here... its starts to be boring, oh yes and the uniform and hair designs are pretty similar too...

Next one is Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta .... such a long title
Actually I've never thought of Erika/Haruma pairing in a drama but why not?! I love both of them but for me Yui will always be the best for Haruma (at the moment)
Seriously I CANT RESIST MY LOVE FOR HIM! and he's grown up! it was so strange to see him as a teacher not a schoolboy >< I love him and his acting skills and his clumsy "omg a girl in my bed!!!" scene XD

and is it weird to say i love Haruma and Takei Emi's cemistry more the the Erika one ?!

All in all the first epi was good, not that awesome but good enough to follow it and watch the next episode.

Lady ~ Saigo no Hanzai Profile
It was better than i expected. the first episode was interesting... Japan is really into police/investigation dramas nowadays and they're getting better and better.
Keiko is on top as always and i love the cast and their characters. about the guest stars, omg Daigo is crazy and psycho for real LOL he fits the role well.

I know this is not a romance drama but im already shiping Shoko/Keisuke (Keiko/Yuta) pairing but i like her with Takehiko as well, so now i don't know ^^

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Firs impression post Fall/2010 [Japan]

Yeees im here with my new "first impression" post about this season's dramas
im happy cause we get some awesome dramas at long last. Lets start with Japan>>


My favourite from this drama season!! omg those jellyfishes *o*
okay not just because of jellyfishes XD i love aya and yutaka i mean risa and kengo’s moments, i think their relationship will be beautiful and deep ^^ or maybe bittersweet…  i know i’ll cry a lot XD but i have a bad feeling about their relationship but hope they'll have a happy ending.
oh and about the jellyfish theme, i've read kuragehime manga's first chapter so now i understand why risa choose those jellyfishes
SO ITS MUST WATCH (for melodrama, aya or yutaka lover)

Ogon no Buta

Great surprise! Its better than i expected but really!!
 i watched the first epi today and i loved it, the cast are good and i love Ryoko's role she's ROCK! XD
Love the comical line and omg here is Gokusen' Sawatari Goro XD he's WIN! XD I absolutely recommend this drama ^^

Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso

Another funny drama with absurd investigation theme XD
I've started to watch it for Satomi and her role is LOOOOL XD
Love her 2 personality but this drama is so WEIRD!!!


Everybody know my no.1 boy is Tareku but i don't like this drama. Mostly because of the main girl and the story is so-so.
The highlights of this drama are Takeru and the girl played by Renbutsu Misako you know... i don't remember her name...
so i watched the first 2 episode yesterday and  it was funny but that's all T_T this will be the only drama with takeru which i won't follow.
As i know myself (and my huuuuge love for takeru) i will watch it later but not now....
oh and one more thing... why a boy put his finger into a girl's open mouth???? what kind of weird logic is it? XD

Clone Baby

Omo...omo here is my new favourite psycho boy *W* Yes Tori is awesome as this drama's evil character *o* I loved him as Takeru in SSS but oh holly shit he's born to be EVIL *o* why am i always love these kind of roles? XD well Clone Baby's story is interesting and confusing because i don't know whats happening XD but really when i think "okay i think i know whats this and that" but then something or somebody comes and i become WTH SHIT ITS OMG whats this?! why?! i love this feeling because my brain is working XD


I've watched the first 2 episode without read the storyline and i liked it. The story is not ordinary, i mean Meiko's "2 personality" is interesting.
I wonder what will happen with our lovely-dovely evil pet groomer. as for the main couple i kind of like Kanno Miho and Tamaki Hirosi's chemisty ^^ they're nice together!
But OMG this pet/dog theme and Tamaki Hirosi is reminds me of Nodame XD you know the nodame-dog washing scene XD 

Juui Dolittle
It's not my drama. i love crying but i can't watch sick animals, this is my weak point.
i always cry if i see one or hear about them. I love Shun, Nari and Mao but i have to drop this drama. :(
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New Layout

Here is my new layout!!
It's was not so difficult to make but i love it ^^ I used one of my favourite japanese artist's drawing/s but im not sure which one is the best .

i love the 2nd picture more but i think i'll use both of them temporarily....


and now a little picspam of my puppy, room, art and other random stuff ><

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new graphics

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