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24 June 2011 @ 12:12 am

I don't want to write lots of things so here are some pv  by my new fav girl band FLIP^^

Finally i've found a ROCK girl band >< Give them a chance, they're really really really good, trust me ;D
Here you can download their pvs and albums ^^


13 May 2011 @ 05:36 pm
I know, i know ^^ nowadays i posts about music all the time but what can i do, i love it ><

I decided to write a new post because i've found some new amazing artists and i think they deserve to be mentioned. Some of you guyz loved my previous post about tokyo jihen, one of my biggest obsession and i would like to continue to show you more quality music. i started searching new music a few days ago and i was in jazz/bossa nova mood so the following artists are basically represents this kind of music.

so lets start ^^

She's a truly talented singer/songwriter girl, i can't belive she's so unknown. i absolutely loving her songs, her 2nd album is WIN and i'll download the other ones as well. These 2 songs have music videos from my favourite ones and i hope you will like them.


Winterplay is a korean pop-jazz band. Hye Won has a stunning voice and i fall in love with them first because of this cover song ^^ I don't like all of their songs but its ok, i don't have to ^^ i think everybody can find some nice songs from their albums, here are my favourite ones.

Cradle Orchestra
Originally i wanted to try their music because i love the combinations of classical and modern music and i was right. Their music is mixing up the 2 styles perfectly, mostly with r'n'b/rapping. here is a little preview ^^ 

and now back to the "old school" kpop/jpop/etc line
- firstly, i have to say i've never been the biggest Beast fan alive but kinda liked them. So i don't know why but downloaded their new song and i LOVE it, really, its nothing epic but i really enjoying their voices without auto-tune.
- about 5dolls alias Co-ed's girls (btw i missing the boys). I downloaded their new album and it has 2 new song and others are remixes. Actually i never understand why someone has to release a remix album when usually their albums already have some. Never mind... i wont say Like This Or That is my fav song of them, honestly i love Co-ed's songs more but i don't hate it either.

thats all for now
i hope you found and heard some earcandy music  from this post, this was my aim ^^

oh and one more thing
I DON'T LIKE EUROVISION THIS YEAR (the only good thing is that my country finally made it!! and the french guy has an omfg voice OoO)
can't wait for the final!!